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To: Vom Schaetzle Haus Shepherds

From:Doug Parson


Subject: Puppies Khloe and Kiz

Good Afternoon. My name is Doug Parson and I have a dog training business, Gut Hunds, that is located in Hershey. I've been training for about 40 years and,until 29 February, have always had a GSD, m favorite breed, in house. Have recently started working with Brenda Ritter and Kevin Oberholtzer on a training program for the two pups, Khloe and Kiz, that they purchased from you. I have worked with a ton of GSDs in my life, but these two pups are two of the best that I've ever been fortunate to work with. They have great drive, love to work, pick up extremely bright and have great personalities. I have been reluctant to refer people to breeders, I usually refer them to (left out the Name of Breeder in Pa),but based on what I've seen, I feel comfortable referring people to you. Again, really nice dogs, outstanding job.

Doug Parson Gut Hunds Dog Training Faculty member Pennsylvania Bar Institute Member APDT and IACP Pet Tech Instructor #1060 717-576-2535 "Do right and fear no one."

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