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 Updated  2/13/2024

 Planned Litters for Winter and Spring 2024

 Our Eve Is confirmed Pregnant !
Puppies are expected sometime around the first week of March. 
Announcements will be made on this page.

Below are picture of Parents.
 Questions? kindly give us a call.


Long coat German shepherd puppies

 Elegance Vom Schaetzle Haus

Vom Schaetzle Haus

SG1 Sting Vom Finkenschlag IGP2
SG11 BSG2022 

 Judge's report BSZS 2022 Catalog No.: 5514 - SG 11 - JKL-R LSTH breeding judge: Ulrich Hausmann. Over-medium size, medium strength, full-bodied male, in good building conditions. Very typey and expressive, very well pigmented, gray cloudy. Expressive, strong head with dark eyes. High, long withers, straight, firm back. Slightly sloping croup with good length. Good angulation of the forehand, very well angulated, stable hindquarters, balanced chest proportions, correct front. Straight at the front and slightly narrow at the back, it shows a powerful supply, the right of way should be even freer with good presentation.

Sting's Pedigree Click link below

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