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 Puppy Reviews

Long Haired shepherds in Pa

We have been long time German shepherds owners and recently we lost one of our beloved family members. In our search for a new German shepherd to join our family we were very fortunate to find Vom Schaetzle Haus. Robin and Perry made our adoption process very pleasant. Their affection and commitment to their German Shepherds was recognized immediate upon meeting them. Robin is very dedicated to ensuring that her German Shepherds are placed in good homes. Our first visit we met the family and we were very much impressed by the temperament, beauty and quality of her adult German Shepherds. Once we were able to take our Puppy home, Yana aka Lady, we recognizes that she is exceptional. Yana quickly integrated into our family and life style. We have a 6 six-year-old German Shepherd and she was well received by Haussa. Yana's intelligance and loyalty has made her training easy. Robin continues to be extremely helpful with question or concerns. Her knowledge and experience with her German Shepherds and breeding is to be commended and recognized. We have been blessed to have VSH and Yana in our life.
Michael and Diane Walsh
Butler, PA
Born to Baldrsen Bobbie and Dickie Vom Schaetzle Haus
Lady Vom Schaetzle Haus (Yana)
March 3, 2023

German shepherd Puppy's in Pa

 Absolutely amazing. The greatest puppies are here.
So much love, affection and attention goes into these pups. Robin was, and continues to be, fantastic in answering any questions. She allowed us to visit their pack while awaiting the litter, so that we could see the environment and care given. After picking up our baby and bringing her home, there has been continued communications and advice given. These puppies are for life for her, not just until they find new homes. When we are ready to add to our fur family, Robin will be our go to for GSD's." 
Suzanne & Keith Mapplebeck
Mt Grenta.Pa 
Hanna Vom Schaetzle Haus ( Simi)

Born to Bobbie and Gandalf
May 9.2021


Long haired German shepherds In Pa

 I can't say enough about our puppy purchase experience. From the very beginning Robin has been professional and knowledgeable. She is also very accessible if you have any questions or need advice she will get right back to you. The questionnaire says it all . She wants to make sure her pups are placed in loving homes that understand the commitment that comes with owning a German Shepherd . Our Marco is a love. He is extremely smart and has been so easy to train. I highly recommend Robin.
Kim and Dean F.
Lexington, MA.
Born to Tequila and Gandalf
Jax Vom Schaetzle Haus
May 19,2022

German Shepherd puppys in Pa

We brought our puppy Judy aka Rieka home in August 2022 and could not be happier.  Robin is very knowledgeable and is always there to answer questions for you. Robin and Perry love their dogs and they are part of the family. Reika is very intelligent and eager to please. She loves giving kisses and playing ball. Enjoy sending pictures and seeing pictures of her litter mates. Love being part of the pack. We would definitely recommend Vom Schaetzle Haus if you are looking for long coated German Shepherd puppy. 

Karen & Glenn Riffle

Judy Vom Schaetzle Haus
Born 5/19/2022 

Tequila and Gandalf Litter


 In the fall of 2017 we lost our dear long-haired GSD, Sadie.  Everyone in our family was brokenhearted by the loss. After a few months we felt the house was felt empty and we decided we wanted to bring a dog back into our lives.   My husband found Robin’s website and saw that there were puppies available from her current litter and the timing was perfect for us. We counted down the days until we could bring our new puppy home.

When we first met Robin and her husband we were struck by the comfortable and caring environment that they provide for their dogs.   It was clear that all of their dogs (and pups) were not only well cared for but loved as well.

Annie and Lestat are pets first and breeding dogs second.  That’s a wonderful thing and a rarity in the world of dog breeding.  We left there feeling that we made the right choice in choosing a breeder.

We left there with Dakota feeling happy and excited to bring her home.  Dakota has proven to be a wonderful pet and companion to all of us. She is not only a beautiful dog but she has a sweet, spunky, fun personality and is very, very smart (this has helped tremendously with her training.)  She just turned a year old and we couldn’t be happier to have her in our lives.

We have stayed in touch with Robin and enjoy seeing updates about Dakota’s littermates!   

Tim and Nancy

Steward Manor, NY

Born 12/16/17 to Annie and Lestat  Litter "B"

Lulu is our very first dog and I am so grateful we found Robin and her family. In our long search for the perfect puppy, we came across a lot of breeders who were more concerned about being paid in contrast to Robin, who wanted to find the right owners for the puppies and their well-being. This matters. In the first 8 weeks of the pups’ life, Robin regularly sent pictures and updates and you knew they were being taken care of and immediately welcomed into a loving family environment. When it came time to pick up Lulu, Robin and her husband welcomed us into their home where we talked for nearly two hours about Lulu’s parents, they answered our many questions, and gave invaluable advice for first time GSD owners. It’s been 14 months and I still hear from Robin regularly with update’s about Lulu’s siblings and parents. Robin is always responsive and helpful with advice on training and puppy behaviors. Lulu is the best thing that has happened to us and it’s been a constant positive experience working with Robin. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for my family!

"B Litter"

Born 12/16/17

To Annie and Lestat

Thank you!

Heather Gravinese


Owner of Lulu Beignet 

 We received our Kaiser boy from "Vom Schaetzle Haus" nearly two years ago. He has matured into an amazing and absolutely stunning dog. His drive and manners are just the best. He’s so sweet, yet would give his life for our family. We get compliments weekly on how gorgeous, and well behaved he is. Thank you to Robin who is the Central Pennsylvania expert on long haired German Shepherds. She truly has a passion for her dogs and cares about every puppy she finds a home for. I highly recommend VomSchaetzle Haus for a brilliant, beautiful and well maintained Shepherd Bloodline. Thank you Robin! 
Annie and Lestat litter
Joe W.  Born 6/15/17 Litter "A"

Alexzander- Call name Kaiser
I’ve had German shepherds my entire life so when it came time to search for a puppy I knew exactly what I wanted. Which was a long haired purebred German Shepherd puppy. My Duke is now two years old and he is my baby. I don’t know what I would do without him. He is incredibly smart, feisty, and well behaved at the same time. After about a month of living with him he learned that when mommy is laying down it’s time to be quiet. Now at two years old I wake up every morning to see him laying next to me, watching and patiently waiting for me to wake up. He doesn’t move until I say good morning. The second I say those two words it’s time to attack with kisses! He is the biggest baby and does not have a mean bone in his body. The dogs that come from "Vom Schaetzle Haus" are the best of the best. I could not have asked for a more beautiful and amazing family member.
Cassie K
Duke was born 12/16/17
Litter B 
  Annie and Lestat Litter
Long coat German shepherds Pa
Long coat German shepherds Pa

We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Robin. From the time we met she has been informative and helpful. We felt so good about getting a dog from a breeder whose dogs are pets /family members instead of just a means to make money. Robin is so knowledgeable and has helped continuously with any questions we have had regarding puppy hood and dog health. We love staying connected, sending pictures and getting to see pictures of her litter mates as they grow. We could not be happier with our new furry family member we got from Robin. Our trainer describes our pup as having a “bomb proof” temperament and said that our breeder “really knows how to breed a dog”.  We highly recommend Robin to anyone looking for a well-bred dog and a great experience.


Lindsey L. 

Litter "C" Camilla aka Remi 

Born 11/14/2018

I got my purebred German Shepard (my baby Chloe :) from Robin about 3 years ago in August. Chloe has had absolutely no problems! She's been a happy, healthy girl! She became aquatinted with our family very quickly, and we love her to death! Working with Robin was a breeze. She always addressed us with kindness and excitement. She is always available and helpful with any questions I've had, even to this day. If we were going to get another German Shepherd, we would definitely go back to Robin and Vom Schaetzle! If you are considering, this is a spectacular option!

Tammy and Lee Eckert ***** 12/8/20

 Earlier this year, we became the proud parents of two German shepherd puppies from Vom Schaetzle Haus. The owners made the entire experience a pleasure and clearly the puppies were well taken care of and loved. We feel so fortunate to have their experience and guidance even after we were home with the puppies. Robin never hesitates to respond to our questions. We feel so fortunate ---- these puppies are so intelligent, easy to train and so very, very loving. They are brother and sister and love each other, as well as our other shepherd who is 6 years old. We couldn’t have done better !!! We hope someday to breed Kiz back the one of the beautiful Vom Schaetzle female shepherds. Love these puppies to pieces !!
Brenda and Kevin 12/8/20
SG Baldsrens Tequila Puppy!


We are very thankful and blessed to have met Robin. We adopted Charles, now Grizzly January, 2019 and couldn’t be happier. He is intelligent, eager to learn, obedient, loving, protective, very handsome. Very friendly and loves children. He enjoys playing with other dogs. The ladies at the vet look forward to seeing him at his annual checkup as he is so friendly, easy to work with and so handsome. Robin is very loving, caring and knowledgeable. She has been a great resource. Thank you Robin for caring and loving so much. Annie Cooke 12/8/20

Vom Schaetzle Haus

Our search for a German Shepherd began, in the fall of 2018, with an email to Vom Schaezle Haus inquiring about puppies. The response was very timely, letting us know that no puppies were currently available. But we were welcome to come and visit the dogs, should we be interested.

When we met Robin, she spent time showing us her dogs, and kindly answering our questions.  Her dogs were very well tempered, clean and well taken care of.  They were all such beautiful dogs! The youngest dog, named Tequila, wasn’t due to come into season for almost a year. We knew, after meeting Robin and hearing how she carefully selects her dogs for breeding (health, personality, color, etc.), that we wanted to own one of her puppies, and that we would wait for that chance.

The time came in March 2020 when we were able to bring our boy, Odin, home. He is a very kind dog, smart, loves to snuggle and play fetch.  And what a beautiful coat!  He is a gorgeous red and black long-coat German Shepherd.  It was a very hard decision to pick between the 5 males that Robin had. They were all so cute and had no trouble socializing with us.  Robin let us spend as much time as we wanted with each one individually, and as a group, so we could make our decision.  I’m sure all of them turned out to be wonderful pups, but we are so glad we picked our Odin.

We highly recommend Vom Schaezle Haus if you are interested in getting a beautiful German Shepherd that is bred and cared for to be a great loving and playful companion.

Thank you, Robin!


Carl and Barbara Nieweld

 June 22,2021

SG Baldsrens Tequila Pup!

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