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How much should I feed my dog? No dog is created equal and with any feeding regimen there are things to take into consideration, like the age of your puppy/dog, the activity level, is she pregnant or a lactating/nursing mother. Below is a basic feeding guide...increase or decrease portions based upon the health of your dog.

Puppies under 6 months: 4.5% of puppy's weight, feed 3 times daily

Puppies over 6 months: 3.5% of puppy's weight, feed 2-3 times daily

Maintain adult weight: 2.5% of dog's weight, feed 1-2 times daily

Gain weight on adult: 3% of weight, feed 1-2 times daily

Weight loss on adult: 2% of weight, feed 1-2 times daily

Pregnant female: 3.5% of weight, feed 1-2 times daily

Nursing female: 6-8% of weight depending on the size of litter, feed 1-2 times daily

How to calculate: if your dog weighs 70lbs in order to maintain weight calculate 70 x.025=1.75lbs PER DAY, for 2 portions divide by 2. Remember to adjust accordingly. 

Here at Boulder Ridge we feed a dry food mixed with Raw, we also include veggies, fruits and certain grains, eggs, organ meats and of course Rogue ORIGINS 5-IN-1 DOG SUPPLEMENT, POWDERED FOOD TOPPER FOR  DOGS

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